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Review Given by Wayne "Above & Beyond" Clark, World Professional Basket Ball Player, Former harlem Globetrotter, World Class Athlete, World Class Dunker, World Record Slam Dunk Champion (70 inch vertical dunk) from ESPN City Slam.

"Since I have worn this Pure Energy Wrist band, I feel lighter, jumping more effortlessly, which is great at my age.  My balance has been great along with my 3 point shooting percentage.  Not to mention I officially broke my 5th backboard over a month ago with the same arm I had the band on.  Pure Energy Wrist Band has definitely given me an edge over the competition.  There is no telling what I can accomplish with my new band.  I will be going to break my World Record Slam Dunk next month in Allentown PA at Sports Fest, and believe you me, I will have on my Pure Energy WristBand before take off!  I look forward to wearing it everyday!  Thanks Pure Energy Wrist Bands!"

Review Given by Chae L., U.S Special forces contract evaluator and trainer
on 9/19/2010

I am a Special Forces SPECOPS’s trainer for Special Forces within the United States Special Operations community. I was recently at the Puyallup fair in WA. State. I came across your stand in the Showplex and after a quick demonstration on myself from your personal. I acquired 13 of your Pure Energy Band-Flex. That night I test ran your product with a twelve man Special Operations team. Balance under load of packs, equipment, weapons, ammo and specialty items carried by the team has always been a problem. I gave the men on simple option during a full night of training Ops that night. “If at any time you do not feel an effect of better balance under load or no increase in endurance, simply take off the band and place it were you stand. The training lasted four, eight straight hours. Not one of the men ever removed their wrist bands during that night. I was a skeptic at first but, only knew a controlled study of performance could render your bands useful or use useless to the completion or that nights evolution. After reviewing standard performance times of each man there was a 30% gain in endurance and 73% of balance under load. The only reason I am sure of these results was half of the men were also given a none Pure Energy Band-flex to wear around a wrist of choice and a half were were given a placebo pill. I can tell you with out doubt your product works extreme well! None of the troops removed there Pure Energy Band-Flex wrist bands after exchanging both during that night of training but, all remained with the Pure Energy Band- Flex by morning. Further testing will not be needed. I can also give you a report of approx.. 60% recovery time and only three falls from balance beams while walking during the course, Compared to an average of 27. These men now have a another fighting advantage over the enemy and a better sense of confidence.

Review Given by Micah M., Salem, OR on 12/27/2010

  Wearing the Weightloss band for 30 days and lost 9 pounds!!!!!!

Review Given by Eloise, Avenel, NJ on 11/27/2010

I ordered the Weight Loss holograms the day they came out and thought it would be ridiculous to believe I could lose weight by wearing a hologram sticker on my watch.  I've lost 6.2 Ibs. in 2 weeks and I cannot explain it.  I have not done anything differenty than before.  I am hoping this continues as I have more to go!

Review Given by Sherry R., Temecula, CA on 10/27/2010

Comments: I was diagnosed with cancer September of 2009. And was going through chemo therapy and taking meds for pain, nausea, vomiting and swelling. My energy and my strength has gone down to nothing which left me bedridden and always on pain meds. After a couple of days after my fourth chemo treatment my husband took me out for a walk, and normally about 45 minutes thats all the energy I could summed up before I call it a day. We stumbled on one of the pure energy booth and the person name Greg gave me one of your bracelet and my husband was so impressed with the test that he ended up buying one for himself. That day I walked at least a good 4 hours and I have also noticed that my energy level has improved and my pain level diminished to where I can tolerate most of the pain episodes, and remarkably, the swelling on my left leg never came back. My husband was so impressed with this product that he bought 12 more bands to give to the rest of the cancer patients in my group and all have positive feedback and result. My cancer has been in remission now but I give credit to pure energy for my recovery. I highly recommend this miracle product to anyone.

Review Given by Sharon W., Windors Locks, CT on 11/21/2010

Comments:  My dog tore her ACL this past spring.  We didn't opt for surgery since she is 11 years old and has had liver issues in the past.  We take her to a vet once a month for chiropractic and acupuncture work in order to keep the compensating muscles from developing problems.  Ginger wore her new pet tag for about 3 weeks before her last visit.  Right away, the vet noticed that Ginger was playful.  She's always sweet, but hadn't been playful with the vet before.  As the vet began her exam of Ginger, she commented on how good Ginger's muscles felt - she only had one or two tense areas in her back end instead of the usual overall tension that builds up in her neck and hind end.  I wondered aloud whether it may be due to her new tag.  The vet checked out the website and thinks the tag has had a positive effect on Ginger. 

Review Given by Karen, Brea, CA on 11/9/2010

Comments:  Being overweight, I have several challenges that limit my mobility as well as chronic pain in my hips and lower back.  Trying this band this weekend has made me a true believer!  I have a lot more flexibility and energy that I haven't felt in over 6 years.  Now I can not imagine my life without it.  Thanks Pure Energy for providing a platform for your customer's to give testimonials.:)

Review Given by Rob, Modesto, CA on 10/26/2010

Comments:  Great product. I have no complaints. It has decreased pain in my feet from plantar fasciatis and for that alone thank you Pure Energy.

Review Given by Julie K., Elgin, IL on 10/26/2010

Comments:  Hello there! I saw a commercial for another brand and was in total disbelief. I then went to a jewelry show where your product was being demonstrated. I said to my friend "we've got to try this" I thought I was prepared because I saw the commercial and new what they were going to do I had one up on them. But! I was so amazed as to the difference I said "test me again" "now both side" Wow! still amazed! I couldn't leave there without it! So I didn't I bought two! So Amazing! I love it! and it brought out so much Joy in me!

Review Given by Patsy K., Glennville, CA on 10/23/2010

Comments:  My husband had carpal tunnel surgery 10 years ago which resulted in nerve damage to his left hand and left him with Reflex Sympathic Dystrophy (aka know as Regional Pain Disorder). After wearing the band for a day he was able to spread his fingers and clench his fist, which he hasn't been able to do since the surgery. This may sound like a small feat to some, but when you haven't been able to do this in 10 years, it's a major accomplishment. He still has pain in his hand and arm so we're looking forward to ordering the new disc for pain to see if it helps.

Review Given by Myron, Lenox, MA on 10/23/2010

Comments:  I purchased one energy bracelet at the BIG E in West Springfield, MA about a month ago after the salesperson demonstrated its effectiveness. I felt and experienced a subtle difference from the moment I'd put it on. I'd read about frequency healing in a few books this past year and though "far-out" it made sense in light of quantum physics findings. My experience thus far is that my chronic back pain that has been with me for most of my adult life is 99% gone. It made it difficult to sleep and I could not lay on a flat surface while on my back without experiencing a lot of pain. It's gone! Let me repeat it's gone! I'm more than satisfied. I'm amazed. I've been telling lots of people about this.

Review Given by Justin Gant, Hollywood Stunt Double on 10/23/2010

Comments:  I was given an energy band to try out a few months ago and was blown away by the tests! I immediately was hooked. I noticed the flexibility right away. As the week went on I started noticing my wrists weren't bothering me as much at gymnastics I felt more focused and also noticed with all my training that I wasn't getting as tired! If I can't wear this due to my wardrobe on set I always put it in my pocket and still receive all the benefits! I'm a true believer and have been passing these around the stunt community like crazy and telling them how I'm benefiting positively from Pure Energy Band!

Review Given by ivan g., bogota, colombia on 10/18/2010

Comments:  Desde que me puse la pulsera el cambio de equilibrio fue sorprendente tanto yo como mi esposa y mi hija notamos el cambio en mil?simas de segundo hemos mejorado el sue? o y tengo mejor cordinacion en los movimientos cuando martillo es mucho mejor el impacto y no me escacho o mejor no pierdo impacto.



Review Given by Lori L., Canada on 10/18/2010

Comments:  Prior to purchasing the wrist band October 10, 2010, I had suffered from some pain through my upper and lower back, and through the hips, after just sitting for half an hour or so. Within 1/2 hour from putting on the band, the pain had subsided from all areas. We just got back from Las Vegas (lots of sitting and walking) and a 3 hour flight... still no pain.. WOW!! I am really impressed with these bands. So impressed, that I am thinking of buying more for the rest of the family... LOVE THEM...

Review Given by Jim S., Engineer, Bremen, Indiana on 10/17/2010

Comments:  On Saturday October 16, 2010, I purchased a Dual Flex band at the Covered Bridge Festival in Mansfield, Indiana. Being an engineer, I was skeptical, but when he put the thing on my wrist during the exam, I immediately felt different. After the purchase, I walked around the festival for about 3 hours; WITH NO PAIN. I know pain isn't one of the items you advertise, but my back and both knees stopped hurting. I didn't have to stop and rest every 100 feet, like I usually do. I didn't use my little seat-on-a-cain like I usually do. Didn't need to set down. My only regret is that I didn't buy more of them, as they are more expensive on your website. I am ordering several more however. THNX! I am still pain free today, and I wasn't as sleepy driving 4 hours home last night as I usually get.

Review Given by Chelsea, Southington, CT on 10/17/2010

Comments: I was at the big E with my boyfriend and we walked past this booth where they were selling these energy bands. I was very skeptical as I watched the demonstrations they were doing with people. I proceeded to tell the guy that it is all mental and I wasn't really falling for it. The guy who worked there told me to watch this next demonstration because he was going to trick someone. So the worker told the participant to stand up strait, hands on hip, and look straight ahead. The worker began to pat down both shoulders and secretively put the bracelet on his left shoulder (while the participant had no idea of this)and attempted to make the participant lose his balance by pulling him towards the floor by his right side. Sure enough, he didn't lose his balance. The second time he attempted this, he knocked the bracelet on the floor behind the participant (he still had no idea what was going on) and tried to make him lose his balance the same way. Surprisingly, he did indeed lose his balance. I became a believer, my boyfriend and I both bought one!

Review Given by Edward K., Logistics Manager, Newport, CT on 10/16/2010

Comments:  I have now worn the bracelet for 5+ weeks and have experienced excellent results. I am clearly stronger and have more stamina. Due to age I had been using viagra for intimacy but it is no longer necessary. It is without a doubt that my testosterone levels are at or approaching normal levels and all is functioning without medication of any kind. I am more alert, in-tune with what is going on around me and my judgment is better. I have asked an engineer if this makes sense and to his traditional way of thinking it does not but I said to him that it is definitely working.

Review Given by Cari S., Azusa, CA on 10/14/2010

Comments: I am such a klutz, but this pure energy band helps so much! My embarrassing moments have been kept to a minimum since I've been wearing mine. Don't get me wrong, I still have my moments, but they are more like weekly, rather than daily, and no where close to as bad. Along with that, I have found that on my morning jogs, I can run longer when I wear my pure energy band than when I don't. I can really see how it affects me in my life, and my friends and roommates can see it too.

Review Given by Breanna G., Shelbyville, IN on 10/13/2010

Comments:  My 25 year old brother had a near drowning accident when he was a toddler. Throughout his whole life, he has suffered from an unbalanced walk. He has never been able to run, let alone stand on one foot! He has worked so hard trying to correct his balance just a little bit!... but nothing has worked. Until now!!! I want to thank you guys so much! After he purchased the bracelet at the Covered Bridge Festival in Mansfield, he walked away with tears in his eyes. He was so anxious to see if the bracelet would do what it says it does. He has worn the bracelet for 3 days and we can already see a huge improvement in his walk and his balance. He can now stand on one leg! We are so amazed by how this bracelet works and now my whole family wants to buy bracelets! So I'm thanking you on behalf of my brother :-D

Review Given by Cathy B., Rochester, NY on 10/6/2010

Comments:  I purchased a band this summer from a vendor at the N.Y. State Fair and absolutely love it. My son, 16 years old, had dislocated his shoulder playing Football and also has a band. He immediately had increased range of motion within minutes!

Review Given by Karen R., NY on 10/5/2010

Comments:  I put one of the large bands on my horse's girth (we compete at barrel racing) and others have commented about how "calm" he person said he looked like he was sleeping while we waited to compete. Barrel horses do not usually look like they are sleeping... they internally just seem to know they are about to go into the arena and work. Johnny - was chilled. I gave one to my trainer and she's convinced also that the band has helped her stress levels.

Review Given by Scott P. on 10/3/2010

Comments:  I've been doing jiu jitsu for the past 4 years. Within 2 days of wearing your product I am more flexible and my endurance has doubled. I even bought my girlfriend one.

Review Given by E.J. M, West Springfield, MA on 10/3/2010

Comments: Today my partner & I were at the "Big E" fairgrounds in West Springfield, Ma where "Pure Energy" was being sold. Having recently seen this product on TV & both my partner and I suffering from chronic pain, we were skeptically interested in scoping it out. Having my eyes set on buying a $300 low Frequency "Rhythm Touch", I pushed my partner forward to take the test. My goal was to watch the demonstrator to see if, "he" did something different when tugging and pulling both the 1st & 2nd time during the balance test. Knowing that my partner is the most skeptical person I know, I was sure I had the "Rhythm Touch" in the bag! We would be walking away as quickly as we arrived. As intrigued as I was, I was certain he wouldn't buy into it. What happened next, left us both amazed, as he was convinced merely holding it in his hand it made a difference! While standing there, he had been suffering from right shoulder/neck pain, and while holding the band, it had significantly decreased. Enough to have me next in line to see for myself that this was in no way a joke! After demoing it for myself, we walked away as believers, and buying one for each of us, saving $250! He further remarked that once demonstrator took the band away from him, his pain slowly started to return. For the next 3 hours, we would both test our bands by putting it on and off, to notice remarkable differences. While his results were much more remarkable than my own, we both agreed that this was truly amazing! (He even thought it a good idea to try it on our dog, and our next purchase will be from the website for her.) My own experience seemed that I felt more centered, and balanced physically and my energy had significantly improved.

Review Given by MJ Walker, Pro Basketball Player on 9/29/2010

Comments:  The Pure Energy Band does just what it says it does! Being a basketball player requires smooth footwork and ball handling skills, both of these have improved on me wial wearing the Pure Energy Sports Band. My footwork occasionally would get tangled up while making quick moves on the court but now I have more fluent and balanced movement which brings my defense level up a couple notches! While wearing the band there is immediately a noticeable difference in my agility, vertical jump, and balance. I have gained a few inches on my vertical just from wearing the band. I never take it off.

Review Given by Janet Z., Everett, WA on 9/29/2010

Comments:  I purchased my Pure Energy Band at the Puyallup Fair in Washington on September 21. I suffer from periferal neuropathy and fibromyalgia. My feet are almost completely numb and with that numbness comes tingling pain and nerve pain that shoots up from my feet into my lower legs 24/7. Within 5 minutes of placing the band on my wrist, I had no more tingling pain in my feet and they actually felt warm like feet should feel. The shooting nerve pain is also completely gone! Due to the neuropathy my balance has been horrid. Now with the band, I can actually stand on either foot while in the shower to wash the other without holding onto something. Because of my fibromyalgia the muscles throughout my body always ache somewhere or another. Most recently the worst has been the muscles/ligaments/tendons that run down the back of my thighs, sometimes so bad that I can't sit down for more than 5 minutes. (That's difficult when I'm driving!) Those pains are now almost completely gone and I can actually sit for long periods of time. The day of the fair I was wearing a brace on my right hand because of a current bone on bone issue in my thumb that that will require surgery in the spring. When I was in the restroom to wash my hands, I had to take the brace off and realized that my thumb didn't hurt! I haven't worn the brace since that moment!! My energy level has improved greatly and as I walk every morning I find my pace to be much faster. This wrist band is amazing!! I will continue to tell others about it!

Review Given by Dwayne M. on 9/17/2010

Comments: I have to admit, yesterday after the test we did with the Pure Energy Band, and the comfort I felt in my knee afterward, I still had some skepticism. I can honesty say that after a full day of wearing the Pure Energy Band my skepticism is gone and I will not take it off. Six weeks ago, I woke up to serve pain in my right knee. At the time I thought I slept wrong and it would eventually go away. 4 weeks later the pain was still present and was increasing. I could barely walk and I found myself compensating with my left leg, arms and back to move around. I finally decided to go my doctor where I was given an anti inflammatory, x-rays and a "come back in two weeks" speech. I left in the same condition and looked forward to the next two weeks of continuous pain. I put the Pure Energy Band immediately after I received it. When I woke up this morning I gradually got out of bed and carefully began to start my day. When my right leg hit the ground, I was a bit shocked that I could actually walk without assistance. I still felt it was probably coincidental and continued with my day. By the end of the day I was still walking without limping and assistance. I have had severe pain in my knee for over 6 weeks with no change and stated to fear the worst. Today, I have been walking normally. My pain has gone from severe to minimal. I'm sure my knee will still need some medical attention, however Pure Energy Band has made my life easier and given me hope. I'm excited and anxious to see what else ill improve and change for the positive.

Review Given by Dustin A. on 9/16/2010

Comments: I purchased two bands a month ago at our local fair. Mine works great I also take nightly medicine for restless leg. Since the purchase of the bands I have only taken my medication three times and in half dose. I am a believer in the pure energy bands.

Review Given by Richard A. on 8/18/2010

Comments: I have been weight training consistently ever since the beginning of the year. Through all the intense workouts I have been doing I started to develop carpal tunnel syndrome on my left wrist. I was at the OC Fair about 5 days ago and saw the Pure Energy Band Demonstration and I was sold. Not only did it help with my balance, strength, energy, and sleep, but I notice after having it on for only 30 minutes that day I bought it... my wrist and forearm pain started to go away. I train much better and I wake up without feeling numbness and pain on my wrist. I do not know how this band works, but it does!

Review Given by Ann H. on 7/29/2010

Comments: My daughter is 17 and has autism. She is very sensitive to environmental changes. After reading about the Pure Energy bands I thought she could benefit from wearing one. Within an half hour of wearing the band I noticed she had more energy and was in a good mood. The same thing happened the next day. The following day I did not put the band on to see what would happen. She started getting moody and tired by noon so I put the band on her - again improved energy and mood. I can't explain it and she can not tell me how she is feeling. I can only go by observation. The Pure Energy band helps my daughter. It is just that simple.

Review Given by Joe J. on 7/29/2010

Comments: I've been wearing a Pure Energy Flex band for about a month now. I have no idea if this is for real or not but i know by golf handicap over the past 30 days has been 8 strokes less. I have been a 10 handicap for the month from mid June until today. Wow wow wow!!

Review Given by "Indy" on 7/23/2010

Comments: I used to be an athlete, but 25 years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I have debilitating fatigue, uncontrollable tremors & the balance & manual dexterity of a 4-1/2 year old child. Three days ago, I was given a Pure Energy Band. I put it on at 11:00AM on a hot summers day in Spokane. Normally I would feel gruesome fatigue by only walking out in the sun for just moments. Wearing the Band, I did not feel ANY fatigue all day! The next day, I wrote my mother a 3 page letter! Before the Band, I was unable to even write my name! On the second day, I found that I could stand on one foot, run & even skip! For an ex-athlete, this is a major inspiration to what I may be able to once again do! OK, I gotta tell you that I am amazed with the Pure Energy Band! I have friends & family that want one & I want to sell it & share the benefits of it. So, how can you help me accomplish this? I'm so very excited to have normalcy back in my life!

Review Given by Vickie W., South Lake Tahoe, CA on 7/23/2010

Comments: My sister got me a band two weeks ago and I have been sleeping better. Also, I take meds for depression twice a day, if I forget to take my evening meds I wake up feeling like I have a hang over and have a bad headache and it takes two days for me to feel better. Well, I forgot to take them one night and the next day I felt fine, I did not even know I did not take them until I went to take the meds that evening the pill box for the day before had to many pills in it. The only thing I can figure is it was the pure energy band. I have so much energy too, usually I am just dragging myself around all day. These are wonderful, I have been telling everyone about them.

Review Given by Billy Butler, 1B, Kansas City Royals on 5/13/2010

Comments: I was introduced to the Pure Energy Band in Spring Training this year and I am a BIG fan! I have noticed huge differences in my flexibility which is important to a first baseman. I have also noticed better balance and strength in the batter's box. My wife and I wear our Pure Energy bands day and night. They provide a quick recovery whether it be after playing a tough game or chasing our 18 month old around all day. My wife, Katie, has trouble sleeping and she since she has started wearing her band she has been able to get more sleep and wake up well rested. We also put one on our daughter's foot at night under her pajamas and although she was already sleeping a good 10 hours a night we have noticed she is tacking on an extra hour or more of sleep in the morning. Bonus! The Butler family LOVES our Pure Energy Bands!

Review Given by Peter Longo, PGA Life Member on 5/13/2010

Comments: The Pure Energy band is an instant boost for any golfer. It helps me practice longer, improves my balance and sustain the energy burn I experience when performing exhibitions. It's much different and much better than copper and magnets and other bands. I highly recommend it for everyone.

Review Given by Gina M., mother of 12 on 5/4/2010

Comments: All I can say is I give my testimony of this Bracelet that My Husband who has supported for 23 years with me by his side can only say this Is GREAT!! I have had twelve children and have diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia this is disease which is living with pain which I am sure if you looked it up by now. The pain zaps all what energy I have left after running all my errands for the children. My Husband Master Chief in the Navy brought me this bracelet and I feel like as if I am 25 now instead of 45!! WOW Thank you for creating this Bracelet all I can say is try it It works!!!!

Review Given by Pete LaCock, Former 1B, Chicago Cubs and Kansas City Royals, Coach of Schaumburg Flyers on 4/12/2010

Comments: These bands are great! I want to have these on my whole team!!!

Review Given by Mike Aviles, SS, Kansas City Royals on 4/12/2010

Comments: I love my Pure Energy Band. I'm hitting way better with it. I know a couple other guys on the team wearing it and they won't take it off!

Review Posted by Arthur J. on 3/21/2010 4:07:43 PM

Comments: I have lower back pain. Since wearing this band for the past week I cannot begin to tell you how amazed I am. The pain has virtually disappeared and I have felt more alive! Getting older isn't easy but I feel more energized while wearing this bracelet. Thank you!

Review Posted by Jim N. on 3/21/2010 11:22:12 PM

Comments: I just saw you guys at spring training in Arizona. I bought one for myself and my wife and i need more! I have slept better than ever since i have been wearing this Pure Energy band. My wife even says my snoring has gone away. We both feel great. Our son wants one so i need to get one right away.

Review Posted by Carlos F. on 3/20/2010 6:37:54 AM

Comments: Gracias! Gracias! Gracias! Thank you for the pure energy band. The arthritis pain in my hands is gone. I don't know how this thing works but it does!

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