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Benefits of PureMaqu Tea:


1.  Increase MetabolismThe number one super fruit, Maqui berry, increases metabolic levels of the body. It helps the metabolic system to digest food quickly and create more stamina. People suffering from digestion troubles can get results from maqui berry instantly. It also helps to gain increased energy levels. Athletes use maqui berry in their diets to obtain strength and enhanced power.

2.  Weight Loss
Maqui Berry aids to lose weight quickly.  It is possible to lose weight taking maqui berry regularly with little exercise.  It allows quick absorption of unwanted fatty acids and aids in eliminating harmful fats from the body.

3.  Revoke Aging Factors
Free radicals react and destroy skin tissues and can corrupt blood cells in the circulation system.  It can result in skin health issues and early onset aging.  The skin of young people can look aged.  The skin surface can become wrinkled and spotted.  The maqui berry  can stop aging troubles with its high resource of antioxidants.  It conveys the highest antioxidants concentration in natural fruits and thus revokes the damages of skin aging.  It prevents free radicals from damaging healthy cells and ensures proper blood circulation through the skin tissues.

4.  Reduce Inflammation

The maqui berry helps to reduce body inflammation.  Inflammation occurs when the body has internal negative reactions.  Maqui berry provides high quality antioxidants that reduce the scope of body inflammation and prevents the reactions responsible for inflammation.  It also acts to reduce the effects of bacterial infections and is used for the treatments of sore throat, fever, diarrhea and ulcers.

5.  Detoxification and Cleansing
Maqui Berry is equipped with natural healthy ingredients.  Due to daily intake of processed and low quality and low quality foods, our bodies can be burdened with several toxins evolved from food chemicals and acids.  Antioxidants can stop the toxins and prevent them from causing damage in your body.  The maqui berry is the ideal superfruit to aid in the body's cleansing.  The antioxidants are extremely efficient in destroying harmful cells, acids and chemicals.

6.  Cardiovascular Treatment
The maqui berry is commonly used for cardio-systems treatment. Oxidation compounds, acids, harmful chemicals and free radicals damage blood circulation cells, veins and heart cells. The damaged cells and tissues cause trouble in the usual blood circulation process. Blood vessels lose their normal functionality. This situation can lead to chronic heart diseases and often times it can lead to stroke. The antioxidants of maqui berry fight against free radicals and damaging components. They ensure a healthy environment in the blood circulation system and can burn fat cells in the heart.

7.  Inhibit Cancer

Cancer cells grow due to uncontrolled production of bad cells. Free radicals are the main reason for production of cancer cells. Cancerous tumors can generate anywhere in the body if the cells are highly incapable of preventing bad cells. Leukemia and colon cancer are the two most common types of cancer responsible for inactive prevention system. The maqui berry can prevent these unwanted cells and can keep the internal environment clean. The antioxidants stop the flow of free radicals, react with free radicals and form compounds to stop further growth of affected cells. Thus, antioxidants help to reduce cancer attacks.

Pure Maqui comes in two flavors: Original  (Peach) and Berry:



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